Smallhouse Log comment feed A feed of comments to the Smallhouse Log. View the original post to add more commentary. Nemo left a comment You know, I don't think I care for that m-dash. I won't be using it again. gzt left a comment Oh, yes, volume over substance is definitely the way to go, you can't do something good until you've done 100 or 1000 bad things. leah left a comment sailor was in rainbows? thats what the quote is from? also, yay for happiness! Hannah left a comment AMAZING! :) Oh, btw, I am typing this on our new MAC. YEA!!!! Nemo left a comment

I think I forgot to emphasize that this was corn popped in BACON FAT. BACON FAT!
Nemo left a comment I liked all the ones I accepted. leah left a comment you never like the jobs i get you.