Smallhouse Log

Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany

Do you ever look at your blogging software, that you wrote yourself, and think, "How does it work?"

Thursday, Tenth Day of Christmas

I continue to have a lot to do.

The house is stressing me out a little bit; we don't have a shower, and we haven't had one since before Christmas Eve. Our previously very dependable handyman has left us high and so very, very dry this past week or so. I cancelled my New Year's Eve plans to wait for him. He never showed. I'm either pissed or over it, and I'm really not sure which is the truth and which is the thing I'm just telling myself so I don't have to face the truth.

We're planning a little girl's birthday party. Like, as I write this. We need to go to the bank, go to the doctor, and go get new phones.

I just want to sit down and make the videogame of my dreams.

But I'm so, so tired.

Thursday, thirteenth week of Cous Cous
"I do drink tapwater, because that's what I use to make my coffee." -John Frost, 2017-04-22

Is it crazy to redo the front end of this site after all these years? It's a hobby I no longer have much time for, I'm afraid. But the lure of code I can actually read and understand calls to me... not to mention finally centering the thing. And so the work is begun.

An amusing thing, to me, how the current version was never even finished —possibly cannot now be finished as originally envisioned. I mean, a writing section? A complex and multiply-indexed archive of my teenage poetry? That doesn't even seem advisable anymore; and yet, I feel a sort of obligation to my younger self to finish his work. Lazy bastard, passing the buck on to me like that. And the way the log multi-post pages are grouped by sevens counting from the most recent post, a number that changes frequently? I understand both how and why I did it, but I'm no longer sure I agree with the decision.

My daughter is asking me what's for dinner. I have to go. But I'm not done thinking about this.

Tuesday, sixth week of Cous Cous
"I remember everything. It's one of my best, and least attractive, qualities." -Claire, 2018-05-17

Time to pour my reflections into the void again. The baby is fussy, so I'm getting a lot of solitary nocturnal hours in a way I haven't much this last whirlwind decade, but I'm also more than a little short on sleep. I look around and think, I could do this, if I had that, but that kind of chaining of dependencies, much as it appeals to me in the abstract, is just a distraction. I don't do the things I would like because I don't have time, and in the brief spans between what I need to do and what I ought to do, there's always something I want to do more. And I'm ok with that. My time shying from Responsibility, in and of itself, is long past. My time shying away from my responsibilities... well, bad habits die hardest.

Though I don't watch much TV in general, it's something to do while I feed and hold my son. As a result, I finally got around to watching BoJack Horseman, and man does that show hit hard once it finds its stride. I just finished the season four finale, and the last few episodes were phenomenal. It's rare to see a show as dripping with empathy as this one, and I think it deserves its high reputation. I've developed a deep personal connection to Mr. Peanutbutter, the eponymous protagonist's personal foil, which was unexpected and delightful. I also really like the banner gags.

I'm actually quite happy right now. Just... Tired. Weary. And full of secondhand emotions.

Saturday, third week of Easter

Overcome by musical nostalgia this evening, brought on by fussing about with repairing my iTunes library. My word, what a lackluster product that has become. I actively fantasize about a better music player and and library management tool. But I digress.

Overcome by musical nostalgia this evening, I'm aghast, ensorrowed, downright shimmyblasted by the lie revealed, that maxim we came to count on, that the Internet is forever. There's a lot of what I need that is no longer. It has disappeared into the mists of the past, and expletive it, I miss it. So a handful of cool webcomics are gone forever, but I can't get angelfire to take down my old pages. Hphff. Anyway.

Overcome by musical nostalgia this evening, I was trying to hunt down the tracklist for the Liquid Paper compilations of punk rock that noted iconoclast and grumpy beard-grower Mitch Clem put together a mere... decade? and a half? ...ago, and I can't. This isn't the first time I tried, which makes it worse, somehow? This should be easy, it's a string of text less than eight hundred characters in length. I mean, there's a couple of them, so that times four, I guess. I did eventually find a reddit thread where somebody put out a bounty on the first two, and someone delivered on number one, but both of those accounts have gone inactive. Mitch Clem himself seems to have dropped off the Internet, or I'd just shoot him an e-mail, maybe. I used to be good at this.

I'm not sad. Nostalgia used to be considered a psychiatric disorder. People died. I don't have that. I just... I know why I'm not allowed to have a time machine. But if I had one, I would be stepping into it right now.

Thursday, second week of Winter session

Went as a family to see Paddington 2 for Chloe's birthday. I think that it may be my new favorite prison movie. While I thought the first one was lackluster but acceptable, I have to say that this movie is that rare sequel which not only stands on its own but rather surpasses its predecessor. I was laughing out loud at many points, scenes were visually stunning, and all the actors were superb throughout.

Homeownership continues to take its toll, but on the whole, I prefer it to renting. With another three-day weekend coming up tomorrow, I'm scheming already about which projects I'll tackle next. I suppose cleaning up and organizing the basement (again!) is somewhat a prerequisite to handling other projects effectively, but I suppose there's nothing stopping me from handling those other project ineffectively. I actually made some significant progress yesterday on clearing out the first floor, so I may as well capitalize on that to really get something done. I'd like to have the winterization finished by the time it's no longer needed, after all.

Work is terrible, my health is terrible, and I have so many creative projects smoldering that I can't seem to get to. Not that I'm stagnating... it's more that the things I'm getting done are more important or I like them more, but I still want to be able to blow everything off and concentrate on something that is just for my own satisfaction. I'm too pragmatic for that, though. I have to be. I'm not hurting, just wistful.

But if I found a winning lottery ticket on the ground I might just quit my job and dick around for a few months. Who wouldn't?

Monday, fifth week after Summer Lab

Well, we bought the house, the contractors took six months to do two months of work and didn't finish it all, we moved in anyway as soon as the plumbing and stairs were done. The name of this blog has become more relevant, we got a new internet provider, and I fenced the backyard.

Lemme break and talk about that for a hot minute, because my backyard in garbage. Like, it is composed of garbage. Literally. For a foot down, it's a hearty casserole of half-bricks, shards of plate glass, old rugs, bagged trash, carparts, plastic bits, chunks of cement, and rocks that aren't native to Illinois; all with a thin interstice of dirt to hold it together. Plus the tree roots, but you're gonna have that. Sinking the fence posts, it took me twice as long to dig the first foot as to dig the next two together. Further digging has show that this is less the case within the bounds of where the previous fence lay, but still. It's like landfill. But I have a beautiful new fence and a whole lot of pride of ownership.

There's so much more to do. And so much more to write about what has been done, what needs to be done, and how excited the whole family is about it. But right now, I need to go to work.

If you'll excuse me.