A brief explanation of how this is currently set up: Each poem potentially is categorized with a notebook (if it was written alongside other poems in, yes, a physical notebook); a series (if it has or is a sequil to another poem); a theme (if it fits into a broad theme such as 'humourous', 'spiritual', or 'romantic'); and a subject (if it pertains to, describes, or is inspired by a specific person, place, or object). The lattermost is only applied if the subject is repeated in another poem. These categories are denoted by the letters N, S, T, and P respectively when present, and by X universally when absent.

There are few poems up at present. Remain calm! The rest are close to hand, and will be made available soon. For the moment, only the first five notebooks worth have been re-transcribed. I also hope to replace the letter denotaions for categories with iconic ones at such time as I ever get around to it.

  1. The first notebook
  2. The second notebook
  3. The third notebook
  4. The fourth notebook
  5. The fifth notebook