Smallhouse update feed Vicious outpourings of hate and bitterness. Also, news about site updates. This Old Smallhouse Hey there! Various repairs and fixes around the site have been accomplished. Like, you know, the navigation menu is visible again. Friday, last week of Summer Break <p>In which the ends justify further consideration.</p> Tuesday, eighth week after Pentecost <p>In which I meet a prophet.</p> Friday, fourth week of Lent <p>Got a new job and it's going well.</p> The day after the Feast of the Epiphany <p>In which dreams are contrasted.</p> Friday <p>In which blogging is a sounding board for project planning.</p> Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany <p>Do you ever look at your blogging software, that you wrote yourself, and think, "How does it <em>work?</em>"</p> Thursday, Tenth Day of Christmas <p>In which I complain about things I have to do.</p>