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After Harrison Bergeron

I am the first one done reading
Which I think is really funny
I lift my desk with my knees
My undeserved and deficiant desk
(Which is also very funny, come to think of it)
I look around;
Everyone is reading
Like one big joke
People stir as I make noise and begin writing.
They put their mesmerizing books away
And waken to those around them
"Quiet, class! Don't disturb those not yet finished!"
I actually laugh at that one
And shake my head
I write until the room is again subdued
Chuckling to myself
She looks around her class
With her eyes only - sharp movements
And only when we are all equal
Does she let us do anything at all
Isn't that the kicker?

Another Dead Carnation

Another dead carnation
Lying on a shelf
Another dead carnation
As ever, by itself
Another dead carnation
To join the many more
Another dead carnation
Neglected and ignored
I lay it now with all the rest
Release a mounful sigh
Another dead carnation
How many more must die?

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I need to write more poetry,
More poems, and more songs.
I feel the urge inside of me;
I've been away too long.

My busy life is rushing past,
Much like a subway train.
The time is right; I must act fast
Or I'll never ride again.

But still I stop for poetry,
Refreshing and so sweet;
I sit beneath its shady tree
And rest my weary feet.

I rise again to face the strife,
Though weary, glad to see
Amidst the subway of my life
There grows a poetree.

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Inmates on the Roof

Hey, look! There are inmates
On the roof of our school.
Hey, look! There are inmates
Being led by a fool!
Hey, look! There are inmates
Without hats, coats, or gloves.
Why can't we show our inmates
Just a little bit of love?

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Bye-Bye Radio

My good friend the radio
Has left and gone away -dio
I don't know what to say -dio
To you, to you, to you.

Its music is so sweetening
It really is a treat -ening
I'm groovin' in the beat -ening
Ka-woo, ka-woo, ka-woo!

But now it has gone far away
No longer in my car -away
I don't know where you are! -away
Boo-hoo, boo-hoo, boo-hoo....

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Cold Soup

The soup is cold
Or so I'm told
Though I do not believe it
I doubt it will
Be all that chill
And so I dare to eat it

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Lethargy Spree

Each word you say
Comes through a haze
Of Tetris background music
I've got a hold
On ice and gold
Why don't you let me use it?
I play CD's
In twos and threes
But do I really listen?
I know it's fair
But I can't bear
To know that something's missin'.

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Breakfast Is Important

One can come insanely late to school
And make the teachers flip
But breakfast is the sort of thing
One never wants to skip

Oh, one can flee without one's pants
And leave the door unshut
But braekfast is the sort of thing
One never wants to cut

One can do with a shower
Or without one's morning kiss
But breakfast is the sort of thing
One never wants to miss.

I'd rather do a lot of things,
Like go without a coat,
Be late for an appointment,
Or even miss my boat.

For nothing makes a day so bad
Or quite so hard and long
No breakfast is the perfect way
To start the day out wrong.