Another Dead Carnation

Another dead carnation
Lying on a shelf
Another dead carnation
As ever, by itself
Another dead carnation
To join the many more
Another dead carnation
Neglected and ignored
I lay it now with all the rest
Release a mounful sigh
Another dead carnation
How many more must die?

What I Forgot

I know so much about you
But there always was a catch
Just when I'm growing near to you
You've found your perfect match

He knows how best to kill my kind
A stake straight through the heart
Just as you start to warm to me
You've found your counterpart

He knows your life; it matches his
It seems a perfect fit
Just when I thought I had a chance
You've found your duplicate

But as you say those simple words
I'm taking it all back
Realizing he's your copy, clone
But opposites attract


Do you have room, in your pot of flowers
For a carnation?
No, good sir
For I have sworn off carnations
Do you not
Have even the tiniest one?
Sir I pray not
For carnations bring only heartache.
Farewell then, if you choose
But you may regret it someday.
Sir, though I regret it with all my heart
I have sworn off carnations.