To the Graduating Class

Farewell, you funky fogies
As you go your separate ways
Don't look to us for sympathy
We're here for three more days

Goodbye, grayed grumpy geezers
We've seen you at your best
(We've seen you at your worst as well,
But let's give that a rest)

So see you sometime, seniors
We'll really miss you tons
You're old and overbearing
But also lots of fun

Adios, oh ancient ones
We bid you all adieu
But school will still remain the same
With one small change: No YOU!


It is no longer safe to talk
Who knows what eyes are spying?
I'm a very trusting person
With a quite untrusting mind

Oh, you could call me paranoid,
Obsessive, or insane
I just can't bear to share with you
The stuff inside my brain

So tell me I can trust you
Sit down and chew the fat
Assure me it'll all be.... STOP!
Did you hear it? What was that?


Each morning I lie in my bed
And wonder why I must awake
And thoughts like this one fill my head
Why must I give, and rarely take?

My sleep is peaceful, fair, and kind
My bed is soft and warm
It soothes my body, calms my mind
When life is like a storm

It seems I cannot get enough
Of slumber dark and deep
'Cause the best part of waking up
Is going back to sleep