Harsh Monday

It should have been a jingly day
With jingle-jangle bells
It should have been a joyous day
But hasn't gone so well

It should have been a day of laughs
But laughs are small and sparse
It should have been a lot of things
But Monday, man, it's harsh.


It is no longer safe to talk
Who knows what eyes are spying?
I'm a very trusting person
With a quite untrusting mind

Oh, you could call me paranoid,
Obsessive, or insane
I just can't bear to share with you
The stuff inside my brain

So tell me I can trust you
Sit down and chew the fat
Assure me it'll all be.... STOP!
Did you hear it? What was that?

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In merely thirty minutes
How can one expect to soar?
There's no merit in the judging
And no vict'ry in the score

It's shamefully demeaning
Quick and sloppy's not for me
So no more shall I go blitzkreig
Back in #bkzzt

Classroom Waterfall

Drip drip drip
It's stopped again
I'm glad it's my fault
And two more
One of them mine
How serene
But yet a limited system
As snow melts
And bucket fills
And yet, my classroom waterfall


I'm so ashamed
To bear this name
And yet make no reminder
Of what it means
And so it seems
I've stopped, and climb no higher

How can I stand
To watch this land
And let it sink and stumble?
How can I bear
To sit and stare
Just let the world fumble?

Thoughts in my head
As I near bed
When will I take my dive?
Why can't I seem
To have this dream
While I'm awake, alive?

Just Another Average Schoolday

Dripping dripping dripping
And I feel like I am tripping
And my mind is slowly slipping
Like the rain rain rain

Chewy bar granola
And my favorite paranoia
So I'm slowly feelin' for ya
In my brain brain brain

Sometimes I remember
Tetris music or whatever
Read the words: Love you forever
And my eyes don't cry

And the bliter blather ramble
Of my teacher's psychobabble
I can't listen; I'm the rabble
But I fail to wonder why

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I'm lost to you, do as you please
Word is that I'm the new disease
A force to make the world sneeze
And bring all people to their knees

The nations bow on bended knee
And all the people now can see
How humbled is the world - me
A scourge to my society

Perhaps it shall not come to pass
The world burns, and it burns fast
How long can modern living last?
Just sleep.... until the storm has passed.

Why I Die

Another bout of self-destruction
Stir me closer to my grave
I could die a thousand times
But Life through death is what I crave

Those around me fail to think
About the things I really mean
"To lose this life is surely gain"
And life is fleeting, like a dream


Each morning I lie in my bed
And wonder why I must awake
And thoughts like this one fill my head
Why must I give, and rarely take?

My sleep is peaceful, fair, and kind
My bed is soft and warm
It soothes my body, calms my mind
When life is like a storm

It seems I cannot get enough
Of slumber dark and deep
'Cause the best part of waking up
Is going back to sleep

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Another Day Gone

"The sky's the limit," so they say
But time so quickly passes, "Hey!
What happened to my Yesterday?"
You exclaim, as you lose today.

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Being honest
Is a crime
Come on, now
It's Schitzo Time!

Be confusing
Feel the power
Eat your fears
It's Schitzo Hour!

The world's gotten
Out of hand
So we all live
In Schitzo Land.


America has gone to pot
I don't know if it's true or not
The laws are full of tommy-rot
I can take the heat, but it's sure hot

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I find it hard to believe
That we ever put a man on the moon
Maybe i'm just a non-conformist.
If you really think about it
(Pardon the cliche,
I've just got back from
That's impossible
Because no true non-conformist
Could ever fit themselves in that box
Or the next one
Or the next.
And so, we have a paradox,
And non-conformists cannot exist
But maybe that's just the non-conformist speaking.

Thoughts on Solitude I

I don't want to be by myself
I don't want to stand alone

I don't want to group together
I don't want to be a clone

Thoughts on Solitude II

Put on a face I can present
To those who dare to find me
The only time I can dissent
Is when someone's behind me

In others I see shattered mirrors
Which cut me to the bone
And in all this, my greatest fear
Is that I fear alone

Thoughts on Solitude III

Drip drip drip
Each drop is the same, and sometimes they blend together
Making it easy to forget
That each drop is its own
Drip drip drop

Birthday Boy

As Christmastide is drawing near
And we count down to then
Let's not forget the birthday boy
Who saved us all from sin

And as we hunt down Christmas deals
Both on and off the level
Let's not forget the birthday boy
Who saved us from the Devil

And as the presents are unwrapped
And placed upon their shelves
Let's not forget the birthday boy
Who saved us.... from ourselves.

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Way Back When

Back when the world was new
Back when the world was young
The sky was still blue and this song had not begun
Back when he world was young

Back when the world was strange
Back when the world was fresh
I galloped the plains and I swam with the fish
Back when the world was fresh

Back before the world turned gray
Back before the sun disappeared
The children still played and the sky was still clear
Back before the sun disappeared

Back when the waters were clean
Back when the seas brimmed with life
Before all trees went under the knife
Back when the seas brimmed with life

What happened to this world that I loved?
What happened to this world I recall?
While Man grabbed and shoved and in the process lost it all
What happened to this world I recall?

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Long Live the Ad-Lib Spirit

Long live the ad-lib spirit!
Our mantra: "Crash and burn!"
Long live the slapdash style,
Long as the world turns!

Long last the frantic fervor
Which jumps from man to man!
Deep flow the bounteous wells of Luck
That guide the mind and hand!

Wing it upon the winds of Fate
That shape and shift the mind!
Long live procrastination!
Why plan ahead of time?

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Jenni Bancks

Jenni Bancks, she dyed her hair
Lives near Kansas - Don't know where
I'm writing this small poem here
So she can look and see I care

Jenni Bancks, she's really neat
She's an actress - What a treat!
(I need rhymes) She has two feet!
And now this poem is complete

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The question put to me was this:
"Is it O.K. for friends to kiss?"
To tell the the truth, I must confess
Without a doubt, I answered yes.

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Consider and Regard

Consider Independance Day
Which seems so very far away
Though separate by half a year
It's slowly -slowly- drawing near
Regarding this, you then may note
That events even more remote
May soon not seem so far away
As they appear to be today

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"Rejuvination!" screams my brain
"I don't wanna go insane!"
Idiots to ease the pain
Yo, what's up on Upchuck Lane?

"Wrack and motor!" screams my room
"I like this mask that you've assumed."
Up and down again: Boom Boom!
Yo, what's up? I'm up too soon.

"Eggs and bacon!" scream my eyes
"Yet again; what a surprise!"
No more time to terrorize
Yo, what's up? Up to the skies!

"Flame and havoc!" screams my space
"Hurry up, it's not a race!"
One more place I'm out of place
Yo, what's up? Up in your face!

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No one's on the 'Net today.
All the leaves have blown away.
Doesn't matter what you say.
Everyone is gone today.

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Too Bad

Too bad the clowns can't be here now....
To see us tearing this place down....
To see us ripping up the town....
Too bad those clowns can't be here now.

Too bad the clowns can't be close by....
To see us curse and wonder why....
To see us staring at the sky....
Too bad those clowns can't be close by.