Harsh Monday

It should have been a jingly day
With jingle-jangle bells
It should have been a joyous day
But hasn't gone so well

It should have been a day of laughs
But laughs are small and sparse
It should have been a lot of things
But Monday, man, it's harsh.

Just Another Average Schoolday

Dripping dripping dripping
And I feel like I am tripping
And my mind is slowly slipping
Like the rain rain rain

Chewy bar granola
And my favorite paranoia
So I'm slowly feelin' for ya
In my brain brain brain

Sometimes I remember
Tetris music or whatever
Read the words: Love you forever
And my eyes don't cry

And the bliter blather ramble
Of my teacher's psychobabble
I can't listen; I'm the rabble
But I fail to wonder why