Smallhouse Log


So I've been putting off dealing with the feeds for quite some time. Today, I finally felt like digging into it, and discovered that:

  1. Not only had I not updated the feeds to display more than one item at once, but they didn't correspond to the revised site structure.
  2. Not only the above, but they did not, due to a foolish copy/paste error, actually retrieve anything from the database.
  3. Even though they had not been pulling things from the database, they were nevertheless creating small but worrisome security holes.
  4. Aside from all the other things, the items did not even link properly to the corresponding pages. Less of an issue for you read-it-in-the-aggregator types, but I'm a click-through man, myself. Which is why I spent so much more time making a pretty website than making functional feeds. (This is still the case, the feeds, to my surprise, only took me an hour.)
  5. Once the comment feed was working again, I discovered some more spam comments. I deleted them.

So I fixed them, except that last one; spam is way down from what it was, so I'm content with the current system, as stricter authentication would be annoying. And then found some (very silly) bugs in the log markup as well. Ha! Ha! Also fixed. I even corrected a few typos from old posts. I feel so productive.

Now I just need to update the sitemap and replace that sidebar on the right with actual content. And finish importing poetry and way old posts. And finish editing "Seconds". And a whole slew of actual, real-world things. But for now, I feel accomplished.

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