Smallhouse Log

a week later
"You know the Masons? It's like that, except for little girls." -Sailor, 04/28/2009

So here I am, surfacing from another weekend. Sort of. I mean, I still need to get about six more hours of sleep. But the highlight of the weekend was the Dinner Party, Claire's clever ploy to meet some of my friends and win for herself their earnest approval. In this, as indeed in all other ways, I think it was a success. I mean, homegirl can cook. We also made it out to an art opening, and either stumbled upon a party, or it was attached to the show. This was not at all clear. But there was a DJ, and half a marching band, and it was fun times.

Even with the stress of job hunting and unemployment, I am very, very happy with my life right now.

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leah responded within 3 days.

sailor was in rainbows? thats what the quote is from? also, yay for happiness!