Smallhouse Log

the day before Thanksgiving

So what have I been up to? Working, working, trying to convince Claire I do have occasional flaws, occasionally trying to convince Claire that my flaws are forgivable, sleeping a little bit here and there, working, and working on independent programming projects. Also, playing indie games to steal their best ideas for myself (and for, whatsit, fun, yeah). Czech it:

  • Minecraft - A "one man" (one man who shops out music, and possibly art) project you can play in your browser for free, or pay to get content that will be free later. Well, and to support the project. Blocks! You love it.
  • Dwarf Fortress - I've talked about this enough in the past? But waiting for this next release has got me all jumpy. Too bad it's timed for "I'm in Florida, meeting future in-laws" / "What, work again?".
  • Liberal Crime Squad - While we're at Bay 12, let's hop over to this little delight, originally the work of Toady One, now continually improved by Mr. Jonathan S. Fox. Those who are sensitive about having their political views lampooned may be, um, well... The game's called Liberal Crime Squad, what do you want?
  • Torchlight - So, uh, this is maybe a bit less indie, still pretty interesting. I think I'll get bored of it eventually, but I like the innovations it makes. And thinking about how to modify them for my own uses.
  • The Sims 3 - Way less indie, still playing the crap out of it, but always thinking, "Wouldn't this be so much better if..." and then writing those ideas down to use for my own insidious ends. This is now just officially a list of the games I've been playing over the past six months.
  • Fallout 3 - Fun to play, but a lack of cool things I want to emulate combined with doing everything so well and so fully and having a little something for everyone leaves me having little to take away, design-inspiration wise. I mean, it's Oblivion with guns, right? Right. Maybe in a few months I'll be up for a second play-through.

So that's how I spend my small amount of non-Claire recreation. And, ok, Drews passionate advocacy of FarmVille on Facebook has drawn me into that particular terrible maw. But I've taken inspiration from the above, and funneled it into designs for (and ongoing implementation of) a few game-type projects of my own, which give me a thoroughly satisfying sense of accomplishment. That and getting married.

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