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Saturday, second week of winter
"I'm feeling sad and depressed and I don't know why. ...Maybe because I'm looking at this cake that I don't have?" -Claire, 09/26/2011

"One flat out begs me, the other one entices."

Read a series of articles today (blog responses to some earlier articles, the most relevant of which I read at the time of its publication) which made me consider how little I've implemented Plan Iota sub beta in my life. Plan Iota in general is about making better use of my time. The beta revision emphasizes production over consumption and maintenance. I think it needs more work, because I still spend way more time consuming than producing.

Maintenance is a hard word to spell.

So, God help me, let's turn this car around. I am a creative person, and I used to be prolifically creative through a few narrow outlets. Now I have the world at my fingertips, and I pour all my creativity into making mountain fortresses in Minecraft. The fingertips are only used for WASD, LMB, RMB. The world they mold is inside someone else's baby. But I can narrow my focus again - and when I do, I have no doubt that I will be prolific once more.

Granted, prolific does not mean good. But I don't need it all to be good. If the frequency of good stuff over volume is low, that's fine. I want a high frequency over time, and who cares about the dross.

Let's do this.

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gzt responded within 2 days.

Oh, yes, volume over substance is definitely the way to go, you can't do something good until you've done 100 or 1000 bad things.