Smallhouse Log

Monday, thirty-second week in Garfield Park
"Am I going to have a Jameson and High Life night, or am I going to have a Jameson and High Life night with tears?" -Linh, 2015-02-07

Garfield Park has not worked out well for us, sad to say. It's just not a neighborhood for those without an automobile. The architecture is lovely, and we will cherish the friends we've made here, but, well, a park within walking distance trumps all that, so. Plus our landlord/neighbor is nigh insufferable: paternalistic, controlling, and rude. And he hates living with us as much as we hate living with him, so we're dissolving the lease. Yay!.

It's time to move. I'm also working, more than full time, at a new (brand new) restaurant. And trying to find time for both my family and creative projects.

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