Smallhouse Log

Monday, second week of Easter

I've been wanting to re-write the blogging software for the log, and I was just struck by the idea that perhaps I should have a more public log for development and whatever. And then I thought, why not just re-write the blogging software to make the new blog? That way, I won't mess anything up accidentally, probably, with the shlog (Is that a good name for this? No?). And if I like what I end up with, I can something something transfer it over to the shlog (It's growing on me). Though, at this point in my life, what is the shlog (I'm really into it now) for?

No, seriously, let's go into this, because I suspect that, historically, the purpose of what is now Smallhouse has been to allow me to say things like, "No, seriously, let's go into this" about whatever's on my mind. And the song lyrics, but I have Facebook for that now. That joke is funnier if you click the link while not logged in to Facebook, by the way.

So if the purpose of Smallhouse is [public introspection? outrospection? extrospection? No, that means something else] going into 'this', whatever, well, I've had a dearth of that recently. Why? Because I've got a real busy life, it seems, and haven't had much time or as much need, now that I'm not lonely, longing, and wary of the future. Plus I think I finished growing into an adult, though I'm not sure how I feel about that. For all that, though, I do feel that my life would benefit from more examination, especially since I've got most of my old problems sorted and, presumably, have a new set of problems.

What are my problems? I'm still frustratingly disorganized. I still don't know how to do many of things I think society expects of me, or how to find the time to figure them out (see 'disorganized', above). I have a domestic partner that I share literally everything but my secret doughnuts with, and I'm not sure how to write about that without infringing on her privacy or feelings. I've got lots of creative energy that's running up against time budgets and lack of infrastructure (see 'disorganized', above). The only thing I'm not worried about is growing old. And finding or retaining a mate, I've got that one in the bag.

What are my solutions? I think I once said that most of my problems were caused by lack of sleep, lack of nutrition, lack of parties, or lack of churchgoing. What I'm saying is, if you have a good church or a good party to which you'd like to invite me, please do. Don't know how much can be done about the lack of sleep in the next five years. I'm working on the nutrition (well, OK, I just ate a cookie while typing that). Hopefully, I can figure out the rest.

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