Smallhouse Log

Thursday, second week of Winter session

Went as a family to see Paddington 2 for Chloe's birthday. I think that it may be my new favorite prison movie. While I thought the first one was lackluster but acceptable, I have to say that this movie is that rare sequel which not only stands on its own but rather surpasses its predecessor. I was laughing out loud at many points, scenes were visually stunning, and all the actors were superb throughout.

Homeownership continues to take its toll, but on the whole, I prefer it to renting. With another three-day weekend coming up tomorrow, I'm scheming already about which projects I'll tackle next. I suppose cleaning up and organizing the basement (again!) is somewhat a prerequisite to handling other projects effectively, but I suppose there's nothing stopping me from handling those other project ineffectively. I actually made some significant progress yesterday on clearing out the first floor, so I may as well capitalize on that to really get something done. I'd like to have the winterization finished by the time it's no longer needed, after all.

Work is terrible, my health is terrible, and I have so many creative projects smoldering that I can't seem to get to. Not that I'm stagnating... it's more that the things I'm getting done are more important or I like them more, but I still want to be able to blow everything off and concentrate on something that is just for my own satisfaction. I'm too pragmatic for that, though. I have to be. I'm not hurting, just wistful.

But if I found a winning lottery ticket on the ground I might just quit my job and dick around for a few months. Who wouldn't?

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