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Fresh Air

You rule the court, I've got the ball
You're running scared, too close to call
Pull back before I go too far
Are you the one I think you are?

Light me up and knock me down
Kick my shins and spin me 'round
Back up before I hit the floor
Are you the one I'm looking for?

You strike me hard, and that's a fact
Call me close and blow me back
You spring before I've touched the ground
Are you the one I think I've found?

With no replies, it's hard to tell
'Cause all you do is leap and yell
Afraid of learning way too fast
That you're the one I've found at last.

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Bad Joke

I've got a story to tell you, but you know that I can't
So I'd like to take this time instead to ask you to dance
If it's all one big joke, how come no one's laughing?
Oh, yeah, that's right, I haven't told it yet; and I can't
One word -shock, outrage- Too sad to be as funny as it is
I guess I should be happy - and I was
If only for an afternoon or two
I don't want a substitute
A substitute for you; it just won't do
Only fools get up at one-thirty to write poetry
But it's not your fault anymore
And I prove myself a hypocrite once more
In that I can't take my own advice
Not even as a joke

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Who can tell, at break of morn
What coming day may hold; forewarned
Not by any simple sign.
But then, of course, he does not mind
The more complex and telling score
Of what has been in days before.

Ignorance, they say, is bliss,
And thus a man may choose to miss
The lay and state of where he stands:
The base of his unconscious plan
Which may (or may not, who can say?)
Rule the passing of his day.

For good or bad, we two must part.
I pray you, take these words to heart
And greet with hope instead of fear
The hours that are drawing near;
Though starting badly, you can bet
That it will be a good day yet.

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Among the many things I thought
I'd never really use
There lies Eraser, often bought
When graphite is abused

I like my lines just as they are
They need not fear a change
I feel they're mostly up to par
Though you may find that strange

I prefer to face my own mistakes
Though I suffer hard and long
Still, I do whate'er it takes
Eraser, be thee gone!

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Time Waste

Black on white, pen on paper
Nice to see you, see you later
Please don't use the elevator
Have you seen my dog?

Try to think, I need more noise
One for girls, one for boys
Billy, Susan, share your toys
Sleeping like a log

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Don't Worry

The turning of pages
Is uniform, clear
With one solid motion.
It fills me with fear
It's like they're all zombies
But what's wrong with that?
I know well the mantra:
Don't worry; get fat.

A blank repetition
And much blanker stares
The heat and the stupid
Are clogging the air
And all things of beauty
Are robots, struck dumb
Display of the theories:
Don't worry, be numb.

What I Forgot

I know so much about you
But there always was a catch
Just when I'm growing near to you
You've found your perfect match

He knows how best to kill my kind
A stake straight through the heart
Just as you start to warm to me
You've found your counterpart

He knows your life; it matches his
It seems a perfect fit
Just when I thought I had a chance
You've found your duplicate

But as you say those simple words
I'm taking it all back
Realizing he's your copy, clone
But opposites attract

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Teapot, KIA

I'm a little teapot, short and stout
All I do is scream and shout
Turn off the heat when you go out
Or you'll find little bits of me all about

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I found a lucky penny, it was lying on the ground
It was a throwing penny, this penny that I'd found
I promptly shouted "Penny", and it made a mighty sound

I took that wishing penny, and I held it in my fist
I held that simple penny, and I wished a wistful wish
I wished upon that penny for the things that I had missed

I threw that little penny, carried onward by a yell
As I threw it I yelled "Penny!", and I watched it as it fell
'Til the walkway met the penny, and it rang out like a bell

My ears, they heard that penny, ringing clearly through the air
And I walked on past that penny, left it calmly waiting there
Just a magic tossing penny, waiting for some other care

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Sinister Menace

I dare to guess she's lost her mind
If once a mind she had
It reeks of foul stupidity
Enough to drive one mad

I'd beat my head against the wall
Enough to raise her ire
My mind is free to roam, for now
In realms of wind and fire

The classic Evil Overlord
A tyrant, villain, brute
I must escape, and soon before
I'm pulled into her mood

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The Real and Illusary

A bit of black, a bit of white
A world of endless gray
No more of day than of the night
No more of night than day

Behold, an ocean, brilliant blue
That fades to dark, and then
No longer being truly true,
fades back to light again.

Why face this world's subtle blight,
Its tainted skies and seas?
Illusion is no better sight
Than drear reality.

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The Search

Lost in a world of gray and blue
A silver net and a wooden shoe
No one left but me and you
Who cares

No past, the future yet unseen
The present presently a dream
Soot and grime are squeeky clean
I swear!

Call me, and I'm by your side
No cares, just coming for the ride
In truth, I must admit I lied
I'm there

I've found a history in you
Of yellow, red, white, black, and blue
That silver net pulls me to you
I'm snared

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Beauty, fair and glad of face
Soft of body, full of grace
I have the chance, but still I fear
To take your hand and hold you near

Beauty, ever quick to smile
I'll take but an inch if you offer a mile
You're gone but a moment, I already miss
Your ever-bright lips that I'd never dare kiss

Beauty, oh Beauty; do I dare call you mine?
Alas, out of sight is not quite out of mind.
I love you unending, but don't dare confess
No more fearing "No" than I fear to hear "Yes"

Campaign Poem I

Brandee and Renee
That's all there is to say
You know they're the best
So give it a rest
And vote for them today!

Campaign Poem II

Leaders, strong and brave and true
Fillided with the spirit of silver and blue
Renee and Brandee work hard for you!
Vote right!

Campaign Poem III

Renee and Brandee, what a team!
Bring back gum, that's their dream
Make the schoolday much more fun
A vote for then is a vote well done!

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Self-Portrait in Elements

Of the wind, yet acting water
Firemaster, sure and sane
Like to earth in will and hautuer
'Til to God he goes again


Joy abounding in the worship
Of the one who saved my soul
What better cause is there for dancing
Than praising God who made me whole?
In among this congregation
I've found a place of blissful peace
Thank you, Lord, for this asylum
Where my fear and longing cease

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Gone away and now returning
Everything is lost; a shame
That is just a new beginning
Why start out old, fatigued, and lame?
Why go back at it just the same?

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Have you seen her go this way?
Please tell me, did she turn?
I beg you, sir, for what you say
May cease my cease my ceaseless yearn.

Was she alone? When did she pass?
Did she look lost or set?
I thank you, sir. If I am fast
I still may catch her yet.

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Another Riddle

Small of stature, warrior bold,
Black and shining in the sun
The load of ten his back can hold
But still I crush him with my thumb
But then he comes again in scores
And scorns me still, an impish knave
I break him with a touch once more
Pray tell, who is this impish knave?

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The Bleeding

Soon I will bleed.
It is expected.
It is a planned event.
People are waiting to see me bleed.

I am waiting to bleed.
I am afraid, but I want to do it.
I just have to wait until the time is right.
Until She is distracted.
But not yet.
I am still afraid.
Will I bleed?

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The Whole Truth

There's so much I have to tell you
If only you would ask;
To open up my heart alone
Is much too great a task.
Why don't you ask the questions that
Would open up my soul?
Are you afraid of what might come
A-pouring out that hole?
Or don't you know that that's the way
To make me truly whole?

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Girl in Black

Today I saw a girl
She was walking home from school
She wore all black
And on her back
A backback; very cool.

I used to see this girl
She would walk and I would drive
I don't think she
Would notice me
As I went speeding by

I'd like to meet this girl
Someday upon the road
A lady fair
Who -if I dared-
I'd like to get to know

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Dark on Earth

Darkness is God's gift to those
That sneak and creep and hide
To them that crouch on silent toes
And watch with fierce pride
The goings-on of men and mice
With soft and silent mirth
God is wise, for it is nice
To sometimes hide the earth.

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I've spent my days in restless rest
My nights in unsound sleep
With time enough to spare, and yet
No time for thinking deep

But now I sit here in the dark
And rest my mind and soul
For grief, unless I miss my mark
Has finally made me whole

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To Sophie on her Sixteenth Birthday

Ah, at last, youíre sweet sixteen
But pardon, not so sweet
Youíve struck me more as rather mean
And thatís no easy feat

Perhaps it was that lifeguard doll
You gave me as a gift
I like a joke, but all in all
It left me rather miffed

Perhaps it is the way you act
(Towards others, not in scenes)
Perhaps it is the simple fact
That you canít hit worth beans

But meaner still am I to write
This verse to make you mad
So may your sixteenth year be bright
And all your days be glad

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Am I rocking the boat; am I sinking?
What shall they do with me now?
Why would I wish without thinking?
Who drew this story, and how?

I consider the pen, but I leave it
A lesson I'm glad I learned fast
I hardly can bear to believe it
How long can this dream world last?

What have I got myself into?
Have I boarded the runaway train?
Am I lucky enough to win this, too?
Have I started my voyage in vain?

Which brings me, of course, to the question
That haunts me and troubles my nights
And causes my great joy to lessen
Do I know what I'm doing is right?

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I see your face inside my mind
Beauty that I longed to find
Either that or I've been blind
I see?

Growing more away from you
Fight my heart to keep me true
Am I choosing? I choose who?
Who, me?

Can I keep my hopes as one?
Life and death are just as fun
Where will I stand when all is done?
Oh, please!

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Think on all the times I've died
Bind my hair to bind my pride
Tell me it's been way too long
Tell me more -- I'm gone.

A trek is what I really need
Checked for ears and up to speed
Opened up and on my knees
Please, Grandfather, please!

Keeping low, my eyes to beat
Forgotten song I still repeat
Feed me more, I'm failing still
I think -- I can -- I will.

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I wonder, do you really see
How beautiful you are to me?

I may not write you pretty songs
I'm not the perfect boy
And if I fail to talk to long
Your voice I still enjoy

But if I'm ever not around
Or if I ever make you frown
Please don't let me let you down
I pray.

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To Lisa

More than just a simple gift
To brighten up your day
I hope this bear can tell you
What words don't seem to say

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The torn and tragic twisting of
this music that I'm listening to
reminds me of the sorrow that I've
always longed to find, but I don't
know if I truly want to be all
that unruly, for I've found that
on the morrow I am apt to change
my mind. Though my life is far
from hellish, I am likely to
embellish when forgotten odors
waver from romantic leather tomes.
If I slowly turn the pages as I
tiptoe through the ages, still,
the stories that I savor are the
path that leads me home.

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"Big on chocolate, not on fat"
Sunshine foods is where it's at
Tell me, do you think it's bad
To make yourself a walking ad?

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Crystal's Birthday Poem

Happy birthday, Crystal!
With presents be thee blessed.
I'd buy you one myself, but
This poem cost me less.

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Sitting, talking, eating
With my mother's cousins' daughters
They're really very pretty
So I calmly sip my water

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A swish of cloth
A passing hand
A voice behind my seat
A flash of hair
A glimpse of white
The pad of muffled feet

I feel unsure, for I could swear
That girl must be insane!
Tell me truly, who would wear
A nightgown on a plane?

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It's hard to be beat in the sunshine
Or is it? I can't quite recall
The dark is best suited for shadows
But really, is that really all?

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Laugh at me, but hear my plight
I don't draw dark; will you draw light?
I tell you of the things we fear
With words you never wished to hear
Of things unseen with sight


Do you have room, in your pot of flowers
For a carnation?
No, good sir
For I have sworn off carnations
Do you not
Have even the tiniest one?
Sir I pray not
For carnations bring only heartache.
Farewell then, if you choose
But you may regret it someday.
Sir, though I regret it with all my heart
I have sworn off carnations.

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An envelope to nowhere
A letter in my mind
A sentence that I'd never say
A signature not signed

I don't want to write any more
But could I do with less?
Who writes these things upon my brain
That I don't dare express?

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What happened to my apathy?
I was so very happy when
I cared so little for this life;
I soared alone and did not sin.

What happened to my fearless love?
I cared for naught and loved all souls.
My apathy had filled me up,
But now my feelings leave a hole.

Why must I care? Why must I strive?
Why can't I go to God and die?
I fear if human I remain,
Before long I'll be bathed in pain,
Before long I will not be sane;
I'll never see my face again.

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Caged Crow

Tonight I feel as a caged crow;
If I stay penned, I'll die.
I long to taste the open air;
I need to hop and fly.
I think I'll take my fondest pains
And sleep under the sky;
Tonight I am immortal, but
If I stay penned, I'll die.

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Black Hills Night

I hugged a tree; I'm crazy!
And I sleep under the stars.
I wonder whose this world is?
It's neither theirs nor ours.
But I think I know its Master
As that One looks down with love;
I know it in the tall pines here,
And starry clouds above

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Voy a Dios

I feel as though I'm glowing,
Like an early Goya painting
Or a lawn just done with mowing.
I'm completely free of tainting.
I love You, Lord, I love You,
And I know You love me, too.
In a world full of maybe
You are all I know is True.

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Apathy II

I'll do what I want to and I don't care what you think
As long as we're all happy I don't give a flying stink
My hair is hanging shabby and my jeans are wrinkled, too
As long as I have apathy there's nothing you can do

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Apathy Ever After

Once upon a time in a faraway land
On this very day in the place where we stand
There lived a little boy with punk-rocker hair
And the world was his toy 'cause he didn't care.

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Stone in Winter

I'm blind as a stone in winter.
I can't see you,
But I can smell you;
Smell your fear.

Pick me up
Off the ground.
In your hand
You can roll me around.
Bring me back;
You're ready to throw
But now that I have you
I'm not letting go.