I'm so ashamed
To bear this name
And yet make no reminder
Of what it means
And so it seems
I've stopped, and climb no higher

How can I stand
To watch this land
And let it sink and stumble?
How can I bear
To sit and stare
Just let the world fumble?

Thoughts in my head
As I near bed
When will I take my dive?
Why can't I seem
To have this dream
While I'm awake, alive?

Why I Die

Another bout of self-destruction
Stir me closer to my grave
I could die a thousand times
But Life through death is what I crave

Those around me fail to think
About the things I really mean
"To lose this life is surely gain"
And life is fleeting, like a dream

Birthday Boy

As Christmastide is drawing near
And we count down to then
Let's not forget the birthday boy
Who saved us all from sin

And as we hunt down Christmas deals
Both on and off the level
Let's not forget the birthday boy
Who saved us from the Devil

And as the presents are unwrapped
And placed upon their shelves
Let's not forget the birthday boy
Who saved us.... from ourselves.


Joy abounding in the worship
Of the one who saved my soul
What better cause is there for dancing
Than praising God who made me whole?
In among this congregation
I've found a place of blissful peace
Thank you, Lord, for this asylum
Where my fear and longing cease