Smallhouse Log


I uh, well, the weekend sort of kept going.

But backing up for a recap, we had: Lazy day with Nancy and Neha, massive Mass, lazy day recovering from Mass, lazy Sunday morning with confusing weather, surprise visit from new friend, cultural intoxication via Versionfest's NFO XPO. This was sort of like a cross between an art fair, a Scav quads item, a small business expo, and the Uchicago RSO recruitment fairs; except without prizes, people who got drafted into it, boring repetition, or the college republicans. I had the best of times. Then I took an hour break, made me some supper, and went back for the evening activities. There was an art film, which was better than I feared at first, but very much an art film. It was much much longer than, say, "The Truth Wears Sideburns".

After that there was to be some bands. The first one was alright, but too loud and nothing special. By this time I'd had the chance to meet a few new people, very interesting people. I met one of the organizers, who runs the Co-Prosperity Sphere with her husband, who is the son of the owner of Maria's, where J+J+J will be doing a DJ set later tonight (assuming it actually is Tuesday). I met a chef named Claire who knows all the regulars at Maria's, and was there just for the concert, and was at the concert just for the second act, Judson Claiborne, whose lead man I also met and talked to, mostly about healthy eating habits. Claire was quite adamant in her high opinion of this group, and I did, in fact, like them a lot myself. So much, in fact, that I am going to their concert this next Saturday (conveniently located at Bernice's) instead of to the contra.

That last paragraph may have been slightly misleading. There are other reasons I am resolved to go to the Saturday concert. And I didn't really get around to meeting other new people after I met Claire. The implications are exciting.

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