Smallhouse Log

the next Tuesday

Let me tell you a wonderful story. So last night, I paid a visit to Claire, and we were all gonna watch us a movie. Claire decides she will make us popcorn. But she didn't. She made us POPCORN, all caps. This was made with some sort of fancy paprika and the kind of salt you have to fight a volcano to harvest. Bacon fat was rendered, and the kernels were popped in that. I will not be able to eat regular popcorn for months.

And that's all the news that's fit to print.

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Nemo responded within a day.

I think I forgot to emphasize that this was corn popped in BACON FAT. BACON FAT!

Hannah responded within 3 days.

AMAZING! :) Oh, btw, I am typing this on our new MAC. YEA!!!!