Smallhouse Log

Wednesday before Thanksgiving
"Let's say your heart is made of gasoline, okay?" -Anthony, pd

I've been experimenting with cutting myself off from the Facebook in the wake of the election, and I find it really improves my mood. After reading a blog post about the deleterious effects of social media on attention and focus (apparently blogging isn't social media?) I'm considering giving it up altogether, or perhaps doing a check-in one day a week only. Because I've noticed, too, the addictive, distracting qualities of the medium. I mean, sometimes, I'll be browsing my news feed and think, this is boring, let's see what's happening on facebook and start to type in the address while I'm already on the site! Clearly, there is a problem.

Does this mean more blogging for me? Maybe. I'm not sure what it means, until I do it and see what of social media I miss.

It may mean a looooooot more song lyric posts.

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