Smallhouse Log

Third Sunday after the Epiphany

A brief history of the last few weeks: Yesterday, I attended the Chicago Womens March with my wife, daughters, and about a quarter million others. I am almost done buying us a house, probably. I need to get another job. I made a personal proverb generator and then tinkered with it extensively. Mostly, we've been sick, all of us, unceasingly. Christmas with with all the members of my family, though not all at once. I am trying to build a new PC, and having a LOT of trouble with it; most recent analysis suggests that the CPU is just defective. I've stood up against a lot of racist and otherwise bigoted remarks rather than let them pass unremarked. I finally beat Rogue Legacy and then beat the increasingly hard aftergame modes in quick succession.

Most recently, I completely forgot what I came here to write about.

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